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Human Government and the Believer
Saturday, January 9, 2021

Conference Information
Due to health-related restrictions, we are able to accept only a limited number of registrations for this year's conference. Please contact us to register.

The conference will also be streamed live via YouTube here.

The conference schedule will begin with a time of prayer at 9:30 and conclude at 3:15 pm. A pre-bagged lunch will be available.

Schedule of meetings
  9:30-10:00   Prayer

10:00-10:15   Break

10:15-11:15   Study 1- Responsibilities to government
     Verses from Romans 13 and other passages

11:15-11:45   Break

11:45-12:45   Study 2- Responsibilities to God
     Verses from Acts 4-5 and other passages

12:45- 1:45   Lunch

  1:45- 2:45   Study 3- God's future government under Christ
     Isaiah 11:1-12

  2:45- 3:15   Gospel or ministry

Notes and Invitation
We will use the Spiritual Songs hymnbook for singing.

Please pray with us for blessing and encouragement from God's Word.

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