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Remembering September 11
Helpful resources in remembrance of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America

u "A Reason for Hope"
       Thoughts from Lisa Beamer, whose husband Todd was aboard Flight 93; "Let's roll!"

u "Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?"
       Insightful article by evangelist Luis Palau

u "Was God Present or Absent?"
       Was God hiding? Does He know? Does He care?
       Christian speaker Ravi Zacharias considers these questions
       Excerpted from Light in the Shadow of Jihad, available online here (large download of full text)

u The flag and God
       A flag card with Scripture thoughts, from American Tract Society (scroll down for text)

u September 11 News Archives
       Sept. 11th archived news, photos, graphics, images, web pages, and newspapers

u September 11 - What Happened
       A wide-ranging list of links, timelines, memorials, and resources, including information about rescue worker health at Ground Zero

u September 11 Archives
       Browse more than 2000 sites at the Library of Congress's Internet archives
       (Some website links can no longer be followed, however)

u Ministry resources from Youth Specialties
       Support for teaching and encouraging others

u "In the stairwell, I was there"
       Compelling thoughts for the past and the future
       A poem and video circulated on many websites

u "Memorial - A Flash presentation"
       Scriptures from Psalm 61 and Romans 8, dedicated to the memory of 9/11

u The Twin Towers
       Text of a mini-booklet (tract) from Moments with the Book

u "When Our Towers Came Crashing Down"
       Comments and thoughts from youthwork leader Ron Hutchcraft

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