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Conference held on January 5, 2002

Characteristics of the Early Christians
It was our desire before the Lord to consider lessons from the book of Acts about the 1st Century believers.
Read notes to further review some of the thoughts discussed.
A Testimony Before the World
Acts 4:5-33
The first followers of Christ were both bold and humble.
  • faced and answered opposition
  • knew and acted upon the principles of the scriptures
  • experienced the reality of prayer as communion with God

    A Zeal for Evangelism
    Acts 8:4-12, 26-40
    Believers eagerly followed the Holy Spirit's leading in the gospel.

  • went everywhere preaching the word
  • engaged in spiritual battle for souls
  • preached the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ
  • baptized new believers

    A Desire to Make Disciples
    Acts 11:19-30
    An established local gathering sought the growth of new converts.

  • sent Barnabas to encourage
  • desired spiritual growth at all stages
  • saw new believers develop practical characteristics of Christ

  • Read notes
    No doubt there is instruction not only for us individually but also for our lives collectively as gatherings of believers. May we respond to His word, as the Lord would use it to stir us up and cause us to live more faithfully for Him.

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