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Family Bible Hour Recordings
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The Word of God, which lives and abides forever.  --1 Peter 1:23       

January Sunday 1/3/21 Seeking forgiveness, gaining your brother (Bill Kulkens) 28:55
  Sunday 1/10/21 Trusting the Almighty God (Azzam Nasser) 20:28
  Sunday 1/17/21 Ezekiel 17: Two eagles, a vine, and political power (Steve Campbell) 26:07
  Sunday 1/24/21 Forgiving from the heart (Bill Kulkens) 25:09
  Sunday 1/31/21 Jonah 4: Jonah meets the God of mercy (Jesse Gasparro) 24:43
February Sunday 2/7/21 [No Family Bible Hour due to snow]  
  Sunday 2/14/21 Ezekiel 18: What's now and what's next (Steve Campbell) 26:41
  Sunday 2/21/21 Joseph shows us how to forgive (Bill Kulkens) 28:47

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