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Family Bible Hour Recordings
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The Word of God, which lives and abides forever.  --1 Peter 1:23       

January Sunday 1/5/20 The Lamb of God (Stefan Drüeke) 52:33
  Sunday 1/12/20 Come and see (Steve Campbell) 26:08
  Sunday 1/19/20 Psalm 132, part 4: A family place (Bill Kulkens) 28:31
  Sunday 1/26/20 The day of Christ (Steve Campbell) 28:47
February Sunday 2/2/20 Jesus on the cross, part 5: Results for us (Jesse Gasparro) 27:50
  Sunday 2/9/20 The Lord calls us by name (Jesse Baptiste) 26:45
  Sunday 2/16/20 God's work through Christ (Milad Nasser) 24:58
  Sunday 2/23/20 Encourage one another (and camp update) (Jon Stassel) 25:50
March Sunday 3/1/20 Psalm 132, part 5: Seven promises from God (Bill Kulkens) 28:01
  Sunday 3/8/20 The day of Christ and the crown of rejoicing (Steve Campbell) 34:49
  Sunday 3/15/20 Christians and times of crisis (Bill Kulkens) 31:22
  Monday 3/23/20 How long, O Lord? (Steve Campbell) 17:46
  Monday 3/30/20 The burial of Jesus (Jesse Gasparro) 22:54
April Tuesday 4/7/20 Palm Sunday promises: The Son of David (Steve Campbell) 21:36
  Sunday 4/12/20 Easter: More than a story (Jesse Gasparro) 29:43
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  Monday 4/20/20 Unshakable things: Serving the Lord (Steve Campbell) 22:34
  Tuesday 4/28/20 Unshakable things: God's presence in suffering (Steve Campbell) 22:12
May Tuesday 5/5/20 Unshakable things: Worship (Steve Campbell) 24:08
  Tuesday 5/12/20 Unshakable things: Analyzing current events (Steve Campbell) 27:12
  Tuesday 5/19/20 Unshakable things: Overcoming or just surviving? (S. Campbell) 24:12
  Tuesday 5/26/20 Unshakable things: Discernment in uncertainty (Steve Campbell) 23:57
June Tuesday 6/2/20 Unshakable things: Christian friends (Steve Campbell) 27:11
  Tuesday 6/9/20 Unshakable things: The Holy Spirit (Steve Campbell) 24:13
  Sunday 6/14/20 Unshakable things: The living God (Steve Campbell) 25:18
  Sunday 6/21/20 Psalm 133: Together in unity (Bill Kulkens) 26:27
  Sunday 6/28/20 Jesus Christ in the storm (Jesse Baptiste) 25:05
July Sunday 7/5/20 Events of Christ's resurrection (Jesse Gasparro) 33:38
  Sunday 7/12/20 Living like Christ: Compassion (Steve Campbell) 25:11
  Sunday 7/19/20 Psalm 134: Concluding with worship (Bill Kulkens) 31:17
  Sunday 7/26/20 The Lordship of Christ (Bill Kulkens) 31:27
August Sunday 8/2/20 The glories of Christ (Milad Nasser) 24:21
  Sunday 8/9/20 The risen Christ meets Thomas and restores Peter (Jesse Gasparro) 29:17

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