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"The Sin-Purger" (posted July 3, 2004)

When He (Jesus Christ) had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.
   - Hebrews 1:3

The Son of God, being the adequate representation of God, knew all God's unsullied holiness and inviolable purity, all the claims of His throne, all His wrath against and judgment upon sin. Being very God in His own essential nature and being, though become Man for the accomplishment of all God's will, He knew all that sin is in its varied forms, and in all its ramifications. He alone of all in the vast universe was capable of understanding all the activities and glories of the divine nature, and withal the gravity of sin.

Moved by unutterable love, and jealous for the majesty of the Supreme Being, the Son, in human form, sinless and pure, went and made purification of sins at Calvary. He did so by dying to remove them, dying to overthrow them, dying to vindicate God against them, dying to reveal God in His grandest glories at the moment of His putting them away.

That I, believing in Jesus, benefit by it goes without saying. My sin has been unearthed, weighed in divine scales, repudiated, broken, judged, execrated, damned in His death; the wrath of God has found it out, fallen upon it, burnt it up, made an end of my sins (and me also, in a judicial sense)--but in the death of the One who died for me.

But it was not only a question of me. He did this for Himself, from Himself, by Himself. He took it up as a matter in which His own glory was involved, and for His own sake made purification of sins. All the perfection of His person was thrown into the work He did; and the sins have been perfectly atoned for, purged, as only a Divine Person could have done it.

I am benefited infinitely indeed, for I stand in the presence of a glory that has removed all my sins.

William H. Westcott

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