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A New Review of Our Calling Frank B. Hole January
Love Is Not Blind Charles H. Mackintosh February
Exercises for Godliness Frank B. Hole March
The Promise of a New Covenant Frank B. Hole January/February
It Was Already Done Walter T. P. Wolston March/April
The Good Shepherd's Protection Hamilton Smith May/June
Elisha, the Prophet of Grace John T. Mawson July/August
The Truly Blessed Man Leslie M. Grant September/October
The Atmosphere of Giving Thanks Hamilton Smith November
God's Christmas Plan George Davison December
Christianity Is Something New The Christian Friend January
God's Precious Jewels J. P. Conaway February/March
Remember the One Who Is Risen Hamilton Smith April
Three Divine Anchors for the Soul Walter Scott May/June
The Golden Wick-Trimmers Harry A. Ironside July/August
Daniel's Confidence in God Edward Dennett September
Daily Expecting the Return of Christ Walter T. P. Wolston October
The Battle of Two I's Cyrus I. Scofield November
Jesus, Immanuel, Savior John T. Mawson December
Planning Without Worrying Stephen Campbell January/February
Starting Well and Ending Well Henri L. Rossier March
Believing the God of Resurrection Leslie M. Grant April
The Captain of Our Salvation Raymond K. Campbell May
Witnesses Which Speak of Jesus Frank B. Hole June/July
The Coming Reign of Christ John A. Savage August/September
An Assurance of Salvation James H. Brookes October/November
The Most Unlikely Story John Wilson-Smith December
Goodness and Mercy John T. Mawson January
The Pillow of God's Love John T. Mawson February
Easter: Confidence for Christians William Kelly March/April
Jesus Christ, the Substitute Frank B. Hole May/June
The Liberty of Glory and Grace J. Wilson Smith July/August
Food for Everyone J. M. B. (1876) September
The Night When Christ Was Betrayed Hamilton Smith October
A Thief Finds the Way to Heaven Charles H. Mackintosh November
Moving Forward Tim Hadley, Sr. December
Following What Is Good Walter T. P. Wolston January/February
God Is for Us Charles H. Mackintosh March
Easter's Little While Hamilton Smith April/May
Seek to Enter In Cor Bruins June/July
Daniel, the Man of Prayer Hamilton Smith August/September
When God Says 'If' Frederick G. Patterson October
Thanking God and Taking Courage William J. Hocking November
God Was Here at Christmas Samuel Ridout December
Fighting the Good Fight Frank B. Hole January
The God Who Restores Us Jacob Redekop February/March
The Stone of Despair at Easter Stephen Campbell April
No More Stumbling Harry A. Ironside May/June
Jeremiah's Suffering Faith George André September/October
Stages of Spiritual Growth Hamiton Smith November/December
Food for Our Souls Hamilton Smith January/February
Running from God G. Christopher Willis March
Sorrow and Joy at Easter Stephen Campbell April
A Forgiving Spirit John R. MacDuff May/June
Running the Christian Race Leslie M. Grant July/August
Does He Want To? Stephen Campbell September
Like the Palm Tree Author unknown October
Joseph's Days of Suffering Hamilton Smith November
A Christmas Dinner Walter T. P. Wolston December
A Prayer for Love's Power William Kelly January/February
The Angel's Easter Message Laurence Laurenson March
The Saints in Light Andrew Miller April
The Savior at the Well Cor Bruins May/June
Behavior in the House of God Harry A. Ironside July/August
God's Message in Our Mouths George André October/November
Christmas: The Humble Savior G. Christopher Willis December
The Kingdom of God and Heaven Albert E. Booth January/February
God's Soft, Gentle Voice Hendrik L. Heijkoop March
Suffering and Victory at Easter William J. Hocking April
Christianity and Culture Stephen Campbell May/June
Who Has the Holy Spirit? Albert E. Booth July/August
The Servant of All Hamilton Smith September/October
The Habit of Giving Thanks William J. Hocking November
Christmas in the House of Bread Walter T. P. Wolston December
Thankfulness in the New Year Matt Gläser January/February
Faithful Integrity Edward Dennett March
Easter: Christ Over All Hamilton Smith April
Overcoming Earthly Things John T. Mawson May/June
Food in Canaan Henri L. Rossier July/August
The Symbol of Unleavened Bread Walter T. P. Wolston September/October
The Kingdom of God's Son Albert E. Booth November
The Wonder of Christmas Hamilton Smith December
Do All in His Name Edward Dennett January/February
Sanctified in Christ Jesus Harry A. Ironside March/April
The Kingdom of Heaven A. E. Booth May
Blessed, Yet Divided Leslie M. Grant June
Three Truths about Trials Hamilton Smith July/August
Distinctive Beliefs Stephen Campbell September
A Troubled World Frank B. Hole October
We Have an Advocate Charles H. Mackintosh November
God's Blessing to Mary Leslie M. Grant December
The Perfection of Christ George Henderson January
The Purpose of Prophecy E. C. Hadley February
I Did Not Know His Love Before (a poem) Wendy Greiner Lefko March
Doubting at Easter Frank B. Hole April/May
A Servant's Responsibility Laurence Laurenson June/July
Remember No More Hamilton Smith August
As Sinful as Ever Leslie M. Grant September
The Attractions of Christ (a poem) James G. Deck October
Waiting for Jesus Walter T. P. Wolston November
Christmas Incarnation Edward Dennett December
Life and Godliness Hamilton Smith January
What Was an Apostle? Algernon J. Pollock February
The Love of Money Leslie M. Grant March
The Gospel of Easter Charles H. Mackintosh April
Does God Care? Algernon J. Pollock May
A Daily Witness G. Christopher Willis June
Shoes for God's Glory Harry A. Ironside July
What's a Christian, Really? A. M. Behnam August
Keeping on Track H. Durbanville (G. Henderson) September
No Condemnation Harry A. Ironside October
The Mystery of Godliness Hamilton Smith November
No Room at Christmas William Kelly December
Help from the Lord Hamilton Smith January
Love That Is Real Frank B. Hole February
The Example of Prayer Samuel Ridout March
Passover and Christ's Death A. E. Booth April
What Place in Your Heart? John N. Darby May
Satan, Job, and God John G. Bellett June
What If? (a poem) Dan Egli July/August
Faith to Walk with Jesus Charles H. Mackintosh September
Confidence in God John N. Darby October
The Beginning of Sin Frank B. Hole November
The Shadow Over Christmas R. Salcido December
Grace for the New Year John N. Darby January
The Greatest Bible Verse from John 3:16 February
The Mayor and the Judge Stephen Campbell March
The Thief at Calvary William Kelly April
Peace in the Storm Hamilton Smith May
How the Bible Helps Today Gerard Elbers June
Jesus: Lord and God Leslie M. Grant July
Three Words that Honor God P. Tadros August
True Worship for God E. C. Hadley September
Justice or Mercy? Leslie M. Grant October
The Purpose of Proverbs Harry A. Ironside November
Christmas Trees Unknown December
Citizens of Heaven G. Christopher Willis January
God's Explanation of Love John R. Caldwell February
Christ's Humility at Calvary G. Christopher Willis March
Salvation and Joy George Cutting April
He Lived for His Faith (a poem) Ernest Crosby May
God's Great Power Hamilton Smith June
Faith to Use What You Have John G. Bellett July
The Prayer Meeting Albert Blok August
Coming Events for the Church E. C. Hadley September
Motive for Christian Service Charles H. Mackintosh October
Always Giving Thanks Hamilton Smith November
God's Perfect Christmas Gift G. J. Stewart December
Checking Your Spiritual Health Dr. A. Behnam January
A Burglar in Brazil Stephen Campbell February
Food for Body and Soul Frank B. Hole March
Easter Thoughts: The Humility of Jesus Hamilton Smith April
The Value of Thanksgiving E. C. Hadley May
Time to Wash Up Dr. A. Behnam June
Liberty, Freedom, Victory John T. Mawson July
A Steady Christian Life Henri L. Rossier August
God's Armor for Christian Battles Hamilton Smith September
The Focus Point of Christian Life Charles H. Mackintosh October
The Righteousness of God George C. Willis November
Christmas: Jesus Comes in Weakness John N. Darby December
Every Christian a Priest: Living Stones Charles H. Mackintosh January
Every Christian a Priest: A Holy Priesthood Charles H. Mackintosh February
Every Christian a Priest: A Royal Priesthood Charles H. Mackintosh March
Seeking Jesus Hamilton Smith April
Pure in Heart Tim Touzeau May
Six Facts About Christians Raymond K. Campbell June
The Prayer God Doesn't Like Eugene P. Vedder, Jr. July
The Transformed Life John T. Mawson August
The Lord Is My Shepherd Hamilton Smith September
The Faith that Is Real     Charles H. Mackintosh October
The Lord Is Gracious John N. Darby November
Treasures for the Lord Alfred E. Bouter December
The Church: God's New Beginning Raymond K. Campbell January
The Church: The Body of Christ Walter T. P. Wolston February
The Church: The House of God Hamilton Smith March
The Church: The Bride of Christ Raymond K. Campbell April
Free for Life Grant W. Steidl May
Christ in the Four Gospels Charles H. Mackintosh June
At Jesus' Feet Hamilton Smith July
Christ Seen in the Offerings   - Part 1 of 3 Harry A. Ironside August
Christ Seen in the Offerings   - Part 2 of 3 Harry A. Ironside September
Christ Seen in the Offerings   - Part 3 of 3 Harry A. Ironside October
A Thankful Heart J. R. MacDuff November
Unto You a Savior Is Born Author unknown December
Three Words for the Christian Grant W. Steidl January
Healing Broken Hearts Hamilton Smith February
Past Salvation: Completed Frank B. Hole March
Present Salvation: Daily Frank B. Hole April
Future Salvation: Glorious Hope Frank B. Hole May
A Just God and a Savior John N. Darby June
The Sin-Purger William H. Westcott July
True Liberty James P. Trotzer August
Peace through Christ's Blood Charles H. Mackintosh September
A Wedding Miracle Harry A. Ironside October
Heaven's Cure for Earth's Care George Henderson November
Joy to the World Stephen Campbell December
In Every Circumstance John N. Darby January
Saved at Passover Walter T. P. Wolston February
Delivered at the Red Sea William Kelly March
Resurrection Victory at the Jordan River      A. E. Booth April
Camping at Gilgal Walter T. P. Wolston May
The Tactics of the Devil George Cutting June
An Empty Heart Charles H. Mackintosh July
Christian Victory Alfred E. Bouter August
The Christian Attitude E. C. Hadley September
Overcoming Temptation Timothy P. Hadley October
Thankful for God's Goodness Leslie M. Grant November
Witnesses to Jesus' Birth William Kelly December
All Things New F. W. Grant January
Accepted in Christ Charles H. Mackintosh February
Understanding the Bible   - Part 1 of 3 Grant W. Steidl March
Understanding the Bible   - Part 2 of 3 Grant W. Steidl April
Understanding the Bible   - Part 3 of 3 Grant W. Steidl May
Reform or Regenerate? Dwight L. Moody June
Jesus in Heaven: Our Great High Priest George Henderson July
Jesus in Heaven: Our Intercessor Frank B. Hole August
Jesus in Heaven: Our Advocate F. Hole / C. Mackintosh September
Fear or Faith? Charles H. Mackintosh October
Christ Our Sanctification Charles H. Mackintosh November
Christ the Savior Is Born F. W. Grant December
The King's Mistakes Stephen Campbell October
Justified by Faith Harry A. Ironside November
Advent: Past and Future J. Darby / G. Henderson December

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