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"God's Great Power" (posted June 3, 2008)

  That you may know ... what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power.
   - Ephesians 1:18-19

This power is spoken of as a "mighty power," and as "working" and therefore active towards us at the present time. It is an exceeding or surpassing power. There are other great powers in the universe, but the power that is working towards us surpasses every other power, whether it be the power of the flesh (selfish desires) in us, or the power of the devil against us. What a comfort to know that in all our weakness there is a surpassing power toward us and working for us.

Moreover, it is a power that has not only been revealed to us in a statement, but has been put forth in the resurrection of Christ (verses 20-21). The world and Satan were permitted to put forth their greatest display of power---the power of death---when they nailed Christ to the cross. Then, when the devil and the world had expressed their power to the utmost degree, God set forth His surpassing power by raising Christ from the dead, and setting Him as Man in the highest place in the universe, even at His own right hand.

Then we learn another great truth (verse 22): The One in whom all power has been set forth, who is set in a position above every power, who has power to put down all evil, is the One who is the Head over all things to the Church.

In relation to all the powers of the universe, He is set "far above." In reference to evil, all is subdued under His feet. In relation to the Church, His body, He is Head, and Head to direct "all things." Thus it is the privilege of the Church to look to Christ for guidance and direction in relation to all things. In the presence of every opposing power and all evil, we have a resource in Christ our Head. He may indeed use gifts and leaders to instruct and guide, but it is to the Head we should look and not simply to the poor weak vessels that in His grace He may see fit to use.

In this great prayer the apostle is looking for a present effect upon the lives of the saints. The calling and the inheritance are secured to us, so the apostle does not pray that we may have the hope and the inheritance, but that we may know what they are. Thus the knowledge of what is coming is to have a present effect upon our lives and ways, delivering us in the power of resurrection life from the flesh and every opposing power, and separating us in spirit from this present world.

Hamilton Smith

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