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Conference notes
Conference notes for
January 6, 2024
"Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ"
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Bible digging: Bible study feature
Bible study feature
Updated March 15, 2024
"Exercises for Godliness"

Get to heaven from NJ

The Lord's supper
[Image copyright Chapter Two, London.
Used by permission.]

Enjoy a few photos of the congregation.
Your own smile will also be welcome!

Easter Family Day
Kids and teens hunt for fun and treasure during Easter Family Day.

Hunting for eggs

Hunting for eggs

Hunting for eggs

Mahwah Day
Mahwah Day 2006
The Township of Mahwah sponsors Mahwah Day each September.
Bill chats with some visitors about our free calendars and booklets.

Mahwah Day 2005
Sweet treats are always popular!

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